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In the course of the most recent couple of years, there’s been an expanding feeling of joint effort amongst innovation and philanthropy. Hell, that is the means by which we here at Gamer Giving began! The capacity to give to a reason you think about with only a tick of a mouse has opened up the online world for everybody to do some genuine great on the planet. From outside the box diversions designers giving their opportunity to make one-off miracles, to firms like amazon making gifts to causes all around the globe, it’s a brilliant thing to be sure.

Talking about which… here’s two or three ways you can bolster your most loved green-tinged gaming philanthropy.

The Humble Bundle is an every other month gathering of recreations from both built up AAA and outside the box engineers. You can pay what you need, with more cash opening more diversions in the package. The cash is part between various causes, and obviously, Gamer Giving as well! The connections will be refreshed each time there’s another package.

Amazon grin gives 0.5% of the buy sum from your spending on amazon to the philanthropy you’ve chosen. That implies each time you shop, you’re helping us to fabricate an elementary school! Also, at no additional cost to you! Upbeat days!!

Any way you help Gamer Giving is mind boggling, and will help in ways we would never portray. Canning be as simple as choosing to purchase a heap of fantastic diversions!

Note: The connections and diversions will be refreshed frequently to keep you up to speed with the present offers. Appreciate!

Gamemaker Bundle – July 2017

Humble Gamemaker ReBundle

Level 1 (Pay what you need):

Extraordinary Burger Defense

Expressway Mutant

Uncanny Valley

Cook, Serve, Delicious!

INK Deluxe Edition

Shep Hard

Furious Chicken: Egg Madness

Gamemaker: Studio 1.4 Pro

Level 2 ($10.77+):

Uncanny Valley (Source Code as it were)

INK (Source Code as it were)

Galactic Missile Defense (Source Code as it were)

Gamemaker: 1.4 HTML5 Module

10 Second Ninja X Gamemaker Edition (Source Code as it were)



Cook, Serve, Delicious! (Source Code as it were)

Level 3 ($15+):

Gamemaker: 1.4 Android Module

Gamemaker: 1.4 iOS Module

Gamemaker: 1.4 Windows UWP Module

Flounder Rocket

Solstice (Source Code as it were)

Home (Source Code as it were)

microJUMBO Bundle

Level 1 (Pay what you need):

Geometry Dash

Horse Island

Gracious… Sir!! The Insult Simulator

Space Pilgrim Epidsode 1: Alpha Centuri

Space Pilgrim Epidsode 2: Epsilon Indi

Space Pilgrim Epidsode 3: Delta Pavonis

Space Pilgrim Epidsode 4: Sol

Level 2 ($3.02+):

Who’s Your Daddy?

Town of Salem


hack_me 2

Fallen angel Daggers

Gracious… Sir!! The Hollywood Roast


10% off Humble month to month for new endorsers

Fallen angel Daggers Soundtrack

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